Affiliate Email Marketing: The Growing Technology

What is email marketing?

With the rapid technological growth in the 21st century, email marketing as well as affiliate email marketing has evolved rapidly. Prior to this, email marketing was not as effective. Even now, one has to reshape and let it evolve with the changing times. It was first in 1978 that Gary Thuerk of DEC tried this by sending out a mass email to whooping 400 clients which resulted in a massive sale of $13 million in DEC products. That was the very beginning of email marketing and soon after came affiliate email marketing. However, soon, the users began effectively blocking out the emails with filters and spam folders.

Thus, to deduce it, email marketing is the process of sending a commercial message to a whole group of people, using email. It involves sending emails about business, sale, donations or advertisements and has the ultimate goal to foster a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty.  They can be sent to a current customer database or a purchased lead list. They are usually sent to enhance the relationship between a merchant and his existing customers, thus encouraging loyalty between them as well as to acquire new ones. With such a strategy, you do not have to handle high production costs of print, radio or television and can reach your target markets with a mere click. To reach your goal, you can even use effective email marketing software which helps you send out personalized emails based on the likes and dislikes of the customers. You also need to maintain an email list based on factors such as the spending habits, information that the customers have shown an interest in, to maintain a mutually respectful relationship with the esteemed customers. Personalized emails are then sent out to the specific customers — a process quite innovative in the race to promote loyalty to the company while also swiftly increasing sales.


Types of emails

Mobile email marketing

These emails help develop a lot of traffic through modern day smart phones although still filtered out. They are generated according to the likes and dislikes of the consumers which is why they are often perceived as a “pull strategy”.

Transactional emails

These are emails which are sent based on a customer’s commercial action with a company product. Their primary aim is to confirm a commercial transaction previously agreed upon between the customer and the sender.

Direct emails

These include emails solely used to communicate a promotional message. These are usually sent to a list of customer addresses that may be collected or rented from another company.


Why affiliate email marketing?

Affiliate marketers have the best reasons to employ the means of email marketing for their sole requirement is to promote the website they are affiliated with. Gathering one’s email id only helps in the process and thus, it only helps them if they choose to use this strategy.

How does an affiliate email marketing work?

After the affiliate has found the advertiser they want to promote, they will be provided with hyperlinks to use which will help in tracking any sales generated. Often an image tag is also provided for them to include in their email. They write an email to their customers as one normally would do for one’s own company products. To ascertain the correct number of times the offer has been viewed by the customers, the companies usually provide them with a tracking pixel as well.

How much money can you earn through the affiliate marketing?

The amount of money that you can make is based on the actual sales generated. Under ideal circumstances, if you have a large list of highly engaging customers and are capable of promoting products that are relevant to the audience, you can make a hefty amount per month. However, if the affiliate is not competent enough and has disadvantageous factors such as their list being small, their product will not match the interests of the customers. The revenue grows along with the list and as the affiliate promotes the products according to the likes and dislikes of the audience.


What best practices should I follow as an affiliate?

If correctly done, on an average, for every $1 one spends on email marketing, the affiliate can expect a wholesome return of $48!

Several practices should be highlighted while promoting products as an affiliate such as:

AVOIDING OVER PROMOTION OF A SINGLE PRODUCT– The customers must not see the same product lining up in their inboxes daily. It is of utmost importance to constantly keep rotating the products to keep things refreshing and new.


If one wants to benefit from a relationship between the customers and themselves, they should employ this method as much as possible.


To make sure the customers sign up, you should try to include a bargain in the form of a bonus product available to them only upon signing up.


It is of utmost importance that you follow the rules one particular program has provided you, the avoidance of which might lead to complete termination of the relationship.


The customers will lose faith in you if you promote low end products and thus, it is important that you promote the one which is of high quality and is actually a good product.


Future of affiliate email marketing

Although email marketing does continue to deliver results, it has most certainly evolved with time. As it is not that simple now, you should aim at trying to send targeted messages that are highly personalized so as to maintain a friendly rapport between the customer and the market.

You should also be open to trying new trends. One such method is sending triggered emails. It has been discovered by the Forrester research that trigger emails generate four times the revenue and eighteen times greater profits and thus, it is of your best interest to use these emails. “Thank you”, “welcome” emails are the most common kinds of trigger emails. Implementation of such changes in the email marketing strategy leads to the customers being more interested in the product you promote and the ultimate growth in the business.

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