Affiliate Products Vs Google Adsense

There are innumerable people with blogs on the World Wide Web with varying subjects, audience, and very different objectives. Some people are writing blogs only because they enjoy writing it but some people want to earn. If you’re among the second half then you know how difficult it can be to decide which path to choose from the many ways you can earn money online and that’s what you’re reading this article for. However, the most common pathways are –

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing

We can’t tell you which path is the best choice for your website but we can surely help you make the decision and for that, we have created a list of advantages of one pathway over another.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing over Google Adsense

  1. Make money without making continuous efforts

One of the best benefits of using Affiliate is that you only have to determine the kind of audience that visits your website and then choose the right products that you will be advertising. Once you have chosen the target and brought the attention of the visitors to the right products that they will be attracted to, you just have to let them buy and you can earn money that easy.

  1. Building reader’s trust

Affiliate allows you to build a better relationship with your readers because you will be displaying ads that you believe should be the right ads that your readers will appreciate. This makes the readers feel better known and understood and they will pay more and more attention to ads that they otherwise probably would have skipped. Also, if you click on a Google Adsense Ad it takes you to a whole new website and the readers are unable to go back to your website. This leads to loss of readership and their interest and trust over your blog.

  1. Doesn’t require too much traffic

We all know that getting enough traffic can be difficult to a comparatively newer blog and another great advantage of using affiliate is that there is no need for a large amount of traffic on your website. All you need to do is choose just the right products and you can earn a decent sum even with a few ads. How smartly you choose those products is a very important factor and experience will help you decide better and better with time. This experience, however, is not gained in Google Adsense because you can’t control what ads are shown your website.

  1. Promoting the right product

By now we understand that choosing what product ads will appear on your blog is of a great advantage. If it’s a beauty and lifestyle blog and there are ads for buying a certain lipstick or compact and not a new gadget than it makes a whole new difference. Also, you can promote those products to drive your trustful audience to buy that product and the whole process becomes even more effective.

  1. You are the only stakeholder

In Google Adsense, you can’t approve or disapprove which promotions will be shown on your website. Even if you get an Adsense account made, Google can just as easily ban it if you don’t follow the rules and it stops the cash flow completely. But when you are promoting affiliate products, you are your own boss. You get to decide and approve.

So, these are the advantages of using Affiliate products to generate money. The principles are – Know your readers, choose right products for them and promote them the right way.

Advantages of Google Adsense over Affiliate Products

So apart from being the most popular way of earning money online it is also the fastest way. It can’t be said that it is easy to earn through Google Adsense but it’s certainly faster and simpler. Over 99% of bloggers are earning money by using Google Adsense and here’s why –

  1. Fastest option to earn money online

Adsense needs a certain amount of experience and marketing skills and only then you can start earning.  But if you’re new to this, the fastest way is to make an Adsense account and get enough visitors to visit your blog and you can generate a decent amount of cash every month without involving time and effort into marketing thoughts and decisions.

  1. No need to be an Expert

You do not have to be an expert and write very professional blogs to be able to use Adsense. Getting the required can take a long time and you do not have to wait till you become that capable to be able to make money online. That is where Google Adsense comes to play as all you need to do is generate enough traffic to your website.

  1. No need to choose Products and targeting readers

If you do not want to take the efforts and risks involved in choosing the right products for your readership yourself then Adsense is the option for you. Adsense will allow you to choose relevant ads to place on your blog, once your account gets approved.

  1. A stable passive income

Since it doesn’t require your continuous marketing involvement and knowledge in deciding the target and promoting, you only need to focus on writing on your blog and Adsense can take care of the rest. If you do it right, then Adsense can help you earn millions. All you have to is put the right keywords and drive the audience that you’re looking for on your website and the traffic will improve your earnings significantly.

  1. No Marketing skills required

It is quite understandable that not all people have the right knowledge, skill or experience to put in to maintain their earnings through an affiliate, unlike Adsense where you can generate stable and recurring income with enough traffic.

There are always advantages and disadvantages of choosing one option. However, it is not entirely impossible to get the best of both worlds. You can always use multiple ways and combinations to improve your profits if you think you can manage that, if not you can always choose one these options each of which is effective in its own ways.

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