Affiliate Programs for Bloggers: The Program That Is Trending

Today, in the 20th century, the Internet is a booming trade. One where with every day, new trends and galore possibilities come up. A few years ago, the concept of blogging came up leading to every other teenager showcasing their various talents on one hand, while others used it as a platform for voicing their opinions on social causes, political issues, entertainment and various other topics that interest them. With the advancement of technology, various new and innovative ways have been procured of earning money by means of blogging as well as by uploading videos on YouTube. This process is the affiliate programs for bloggers.

What is blogging?

“…the first journalistic model that actually harnesses rather than merely exploits the true democratic nature of the web. It’s a new medium finally finding a unique voice.”–Andrew Sullivan

This is the definition of blogging that has been provided to us by Mr. Andrew Sullivan. Blogging is in its most basic form, a website in which one can express their passions and thoughts, free from the prejudice of others. Other forms of blogging include writing about health, fashion, political rumours amongst a plethora of topics from which the blogger can choose. What makes blogging a fresh yet interesting new opportunity is that the internet gives bloggers the opportunity to reach a global audience. From every cyber cafe in India to the politicians in the White House, every single person has the ability to reach the internet and thus, these blogs. Every day, these bloggers have the opportunity to reach thousands of people and that in itself is what makes it so unique.

What are affiliate programs for bloggers?

Blogging is a craft which can be attempted and successfully accomplished by the general people but affiliate programs for bloggers are for the ones who want to take their site to a whole new standard. An ‘affiliate program’ is basically a relationship between the blogger and the merchant where the merchant pays the blogger for links from the blogger’s site to his, leading to sale of the merchant’s items strategically placed on the blogger’s website. Thus, it is mutually beneficial deal for both the blogger who wants to make money off the traffic his website is garnering and the merchant, who wants to sell his products. The kind of arrangement one has with their particular merchant may differ from deal to deal, however the main ideals are that the affiliate provides links to the merchant website on his page, thereby popularizing the merchant’s site and thus, helping in the sale of his products while securing a sweet amount for himself in the process. It is a brilliant marketing strategy for the customers as well, who had initially clicked on a blog, for they could now scroll through the various products which are completely at their disposal on the merchant’s website, thereby, getting far more than what they had bargained for.

Payment arrangements of Affiliate programs

Of the various types of arrangements, there are three very basic ones :-

1) Pay-per-click : In such arrangements, the crux of the matter is in the ‘click’. If the customer clicks on the link to reach the merchant’s website, they pay the affiliate despite them not buying anything after visiting the website. They are thus, paid according to the number of visitors they receive.

2) Pay-per-sale : In such arrangements, payment is meted out to an affiliate when a customer sent the merchant’s way by them purchases something. While some sites pay the blogger a fixed amount, some pay them a percentage of their sale.

3) Pay-per-lead : In this arrangement, the visitors are asked to sign up as leads, which means, they fill out a requested information sheet at the site which are either used by the site or sold to another company to use as sales lead. The program pays their affiliates based on the total number of visitors who sign up as leads.

While there are other methods of payment that can be agreed upon by the merchant and the affiliate, these are the most common ones.


How is it less trouble for bloggers and programmers?

Affiliate Marketing is a trouble free way for the merchant website as well as the blogger to mutually benefit from the plan they decide on to earn money from. It takes a radical step away from the traditional sales model and the various complicated responsibilities that come with it, by mere strategic placements of their products on the blogger’s site. Affiliate programs have an inherent advantage over traditional advertising for the latter requires money to be invested and might or might not bring back the money later. This on the other hand, is much less risky for the deal struck between the online merchant and the affiliate program is only up and working when the advertisement is a success and the merchant makes money.

They typically involve a work process by which the merchant handles all the important details of shipment, payment, product quality and all the major factors while the affiliate merely collects a commission for every action completed by the customers.

While picking affiliate programs, you should choose a trustworthy affiliate program for many a websites have fallen victim to cyber crimes. However, that can be avoided by simply being intelligent in the selection of the websites you choose to affiliate with. As long as you do so and hold up your side of the deal agreed upon,you needn’t worry about non-payment.

Often, depending upon the capacity of the programs, one can even employ various tools to determine which of their products have the best return, thus enabling them to fine tune the products they display on their site.

In this age of technology where the traditional methods of earning money have taken a backseat to new and modern ones, the affiliate programs for bloggers with innovative ways to earn their bread using their talents have taken the front seat!

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