Behind The Scenes of Working Online and Traveling

Traveling and working. A combination that will raise quite a few eyebrows and rightfully so! We live in a time when things that were considered to be “normal” a few years back are now being viciously disregarded. 9 to 5 jobs, waiting for Christmas to enjoy a nice vacation, having three kids and taking them to soccer games – while these are things that do appeal to various people, they don’t to some.

There are certain people out there who prefer a lifestyle slightly different from the one that is usually followed. You see, society always has a tendency to pressurize us to do things a certain way. To live by these strict set of moral codes deduced by some bearded fool ages back, to stay in school for years, to get a job, a wife, kids and the usual baloney. These things are now being challenged.

People are currently beginning to ask the very vital question of “Why?” “Why must we “settle down” by 40, why?” “Why must we marry by 30?” “Why must we stick to the same old 9-5 job?” Especially now in the 21st century when so many varied offers and opportunities are awaiting us to try them out?

Traditionalists might disagree but now, in the year of 2017, things have changed and drastically, at that. People now go off on their own to travel with a couple of their belongings and a laptop and guess what! They survive it. They actually don’t just survive it, they live the best life you could think of. Imagine living out of your backpack, looking at these beautiful sites of Mother Nature and living a sustainable life at that! How, you ask? With the beautiful gift of the Internet!

The professions that you might pursue while chasing sunsets are from the likes of blogging to web development, from graphic designing to writing for travel websites, from opening your own online store to taking teaching classes online. If you’ve majored in technologically related subjects, you may easily trace the steps of renowned travel blogger Ms. Adrianna Tan who manages a business of her own while travelling! She helps launch technological start-ups in various parts of Asia! To live and breathe amidst the stunning beauty of nature while at the same time pursuing what you love doing is quite literally the textbook definition of what happiness feels like. You should try it. Other jobs you might procure online range from travel, food blogging where once your readership grows, you can upgrade it into something that coughs up big bucks as well.

You can start your travel or food pages on various social media pages as well which ends up promoting you to a higher audience and ultimately allows you to make good money to survive on. You might work for websites which require you to use your skills which may range from photography, writing, making DIY items etc. You might teach a language online as well. You have various options awaiting you so here’s a piece of advice: just do it.

Now, if the main prospect that you’re looking for is to travel then the question of when you might make time to work comes in. Again, this is not something you should worry about. While you’re out there travelling, what you must keep in mind is that you have to chart out a schedule for yourself. Exercising balance in every aspect of your life is a necessity. Only if we approach whatever we want in life with proper discipline will we be able to conquer it. To think that this is a policy that only works within the confines of the four walled office room, is wrong for it is a universal truth that without proper balance nothing can be achieved.

When you’re on the road and you have to work, it is firstly essential for you to approach it with a happy mind. Then chart out a proper schedule which works for you. For example: You can rise up early to get a head start on your work. Once that is dealt with, you may revert back to your travelling and go out sightseeing. This is something you can exercise on work related to blogging, web designing, online tutorials etc. Later in the early evening upon returning, you can get back to your work. If your work is more centred on a business, then your travel habits have to be in accordance to your client’s location. Yet, that too is quite an asset for you get to visit new places while doing something you love. This is something you may exercise if your work is more along the lines of managing an online shop etc.

Mr. Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changing.” You’re a part of this change if you take the road less travelled by, who knows? Perhaps, you might stumble onto happiness!

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