Hard Facts You Have to Accept to Pave the Way for Success

“Success doesn’t just come and find you. You have to go out and get it.” Truer words have never been spoken. Success is a heavy term yet for the most part, we encounter people who throw it around like it means nothing. It can be quite harrowing and to seek it, you must go through quite a few hurdles. Yet, reaching it feels absolutely ethereal. There is nothing in the world that can be equivalent to the taste of success that you have paved for yourself. For those out there who wish to travel down the less-than-pleasant road to success, here are a few things that you must accept to make life simpler for you.

You will fail. Quite a few times.

Failure and success are two sides of a coin. When you take a chance and decide to flip a coin, the face of failure will greet you many-a-times before you finally reach the point of success. When you’re on the way to something monumental, nine out of ten times, you’ll be shot down. If at those very preliminary times, you give up, then you’re up for rough times. If, however, you persevere and stick it out to the end, you will find yourself face to face with success so sweet, it’ll make you forget all the nasty injuries you acquired along the way.

You can’t be a people’s person.

For more reasons than one, you can’t afford to be someone equally liked by everyone. This is so because not everybody is a good person. There are people who make use of the goodness in you so be sure to tread with care. One of the most iconic examples of this is that Apple which while liked and disliked by people, has unflinching sales records and is grudgingly liked by people despite the hatred it garners. Hence, it is essential that you take your risks and be unafraid of what people might have to say about a certain move you’re about to take.

Stop making excuses.

This is an extremely important point that you must keep in mind. It is unbecoming of someone on their road to success to stick to excuses. When you’re in pursuit of something, you must go all out in full gear. You cannot stop at every shortcoming and pull out a new excuse such as lack of necessary capital or lack of experience etc.

Remember, people from the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, MS Dhoni, Eminem, Roman Abramovich, John Paul DeJoria started from the dust. Look at them now. They have all preserved, worked hard without resorting to excuses of any kind to reach their goal and now that they have, the life they’re leading is the best in the world. Take a page out of their books, stop making excuses.

Stop playing it safe

The game of success is one that takes time and smartness. You must be smart, you must be motivated but most importantly, you must step out of your safety net for success to come. If you play inside the box, the things you achieve will be average, something that you can expect. However, if what you seek is exceptional, if you wish for something so grand in its outcome that it blows your mind, then you must necessary step outside the box. Only if you do so will you be able to explore the lengths to which your success might blow up.

If Mark Zuckerberg had sold his company Facebook to the giants who offered him a lump sum amount back in the day, he wouldn’t have experienced the success that his company provides him now. In today’s age, every person has Facebook downloaded in their phones. It is an essential part of our lives. Had he sold it the past, had he not thought outside of the box and retained his company with himself, none of this would’ve been possible today. So, take note from the people who have been wildly successful in their own careers, take risks, and stop playing it safe.

Never Give up.

A lot of people currently have this misplaced belief in the fact that the road to success is a short, easy one. However, this is a wrong notion. Success is like the end point of a marathon which most people give up on before reaching the end. For you to reach that point of success it is essential that you don’t give up despite the hurdles that come your way.

You must preserve, you must be innovative in your thinking, should have the utmost belief in yourself when everybody around you shrinks away, stop playing it safe and must stop making excuses. Only then will you arrive at success.

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