Planning Your Week Can Make You More Productive

You need a proper plan to achieve something. And there is no exception when it comes to increasing the productivity at work.

The secret to becoming successful at work by increasing your productivity is to plan your week properly.

Here is why it is important:

They always suggest you to dream bigger. But what if you see a number of dreams? Trying to convert all of them into reality will not give you any positive result. You should first decide what you will achieve in a particular week. This will help you to set short-term goals which are comparatively easier to achieve and you can gradually reach your long-term goals.

So you should have a mindset of planning your activities for the coming week so that you can tick off all the things from your to-do list one after another.

Accountability: On doing so, you will also be accountable to yourself. This helps in making it possible for you to actually work towards your goal.

Focussing: Increase in focus is another way in which planning for a week helps you. You will be more focused towards your goals and determined towards achieving success.

Prioritising of Task: Another benefit is prioritising your task. We do have a tendency to mess things up and fail to do work in the right order. As you plan for the week, you will automatically set your stuffs in the right order of priority. You will obviously set the highest priority work for the coming week, the next in the list for the next week and like this it will continue. Otherwise, if you start off without making these plans, you will soon be in trouble, unable to understand which one to start off with and which one to stop for the moment.

Saving Time: Planning for the whole week will also help you to save time. You will not need to go through your checklist from time to time as you have already made your schedule for the entire week.

Sense of Satisfaction: As you plan your week, you are likely to feel more satisfied at the end of the week when you find your goals to be achieved. This is not possible for people who do not make plans for the week as they will find loads of work piled up even at the end of the week.

Motivation: Jotting down your goals for the week will motivate you in a way, however silly it may sound to you. This is because there will be a constant driving force compelling you to work. Once you find yourself completing a part of the assigned task for the week, or completing the whole task at the end of the week, you will be encouraged to work further and complete more of them.

Easy to Collaborate: Once you have your plan chalked out, you will find it easier to communicate with other people and they will find it easier to work with you. This is because you have everything organized and can communicate with them regarding the timings at which you have scheduled your various tasks.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that planning for a week can be successfully done and the schedule can be followed only when you keep the following things in mind:

  • Plan according to your potential: While planning please keep in mind that you may not be able to do what others are capable of doing. Similarly, you might have certain strengths which others lack. So always plan according to your capabilities. Otherwise, if you make a plan that you will never be able to follow, chances are there that you will be de-motivated. On the other hand, if your plan does not include substantial amount of task, you will complete them easily and have a false notion about yourself. So plan in such a way that you have the right amount of task to accomplish.
  • Have a Proper Infrastructure: Make use of memos and calendars to have your tasks scheduled in the proper manner and also to make sure that you do not miss out on the important tasks. You can even use apps such as Pomodro technique apps.
  • Schedule the Less Important Tasks: We often have the habit of considering only the major tasks while planning which is totally wrong. We should also keep the smaller things in mind, for example checking our inbox. Things like checking mailbox can never be considered unimportant and take some amount of time. So it is better to devote a certain time period from the day to this kind of tasks and it would the best if they can be included in the agenda while planning for the week.

So keep these things in mind and start planning for the coming week to feel the difference!

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