Why Instagram Is an Effective Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Today’s day and age is known for its technological advancement. We live in a time when seeing a teen without their phones is quite mythical. With applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram slowly tightening their grip over our world, it would indeed be a shame to disregard them. Now when it comes to marketing, the ground rule that must be observed regarding them is that the item on sale is to be pushed to reach as many people as possible. The more people it reaches, the more it sells. In today’s time, to ensure that the item on sale reaches as many as people as possible is something that can be achieved through the magic of social media! What’s more? The number might even be doubled! Tripled even! Such is the magic of social media.

If this hasn’t convinced you of the importance of social media, namely, Instagram, then let me tell you this. When you post something on Instagram, you reach an audience, but if pitched using the advertisement technique they provide to every brand, it may reach up to thousands! This is a fact that isn’t only in theory. It has been tested and according to recent statistics, a massive 47 point lift was observed when McDonalds exercised their advertisement strategy on Instagram. It is one of the greatest Nielson Brand Effect results to have ever cropped up and who’s to say your business isn’t the next great thing to spread like wildfire all over the world?

Of all the applications which might boost your sales, Instagram tops the list. This is so because of late, Instagram has been gaining in popularity. A recent study has revealed that with the progression of time, social media users are slowly yet steadily moving away from the older applications like Twitter and Facebook. Nowadays, they are more prone to Instagram and these ‘Instagrammers’ are users who are extremely active. According to recent statistics, the users of Instagram are 58% more likely to comment, like or share a post than a Facebook user and 120 times more than a Twitter user. Moreover, Instagram is a very simple app which centres on storytelling. Everybody has a story to tell and the art of visual storytelling is an aspect everyone wishes to explore. Likewise, if they encounter a picture that attracts them while scrolling, they too will stop to look at the story it depicts. Hence, the importance of captions and hashtags. A striking story will always serve to foster an emotional connect with the user. Moreover, visually striking posts produce more engagement than other kinds of text post. They are 650% more useful than a plain text post and since the entire concept of Instagram is to publish visual content as the main focus, it ultimately tends to boost the sales of a business.

With their hashtags, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, memes, etc. they have an undeniable aesthetic which pulls the user towards it. Amidst their constant scrolling and double tapping, if your sponsored advertisement shows up, it will obviously grab their eyes. Moreover, with the use of hashtags that are relatable such as ‘instadaily’, ‘instafashion (or whatever serves to suit your purpose), you can go on to propel it to an audience even more vast. Once you grab their attention, you will gain followers. Once you gain followers, your posts will begin to feature in their feed which will serve the purpose of flourishing your business!

However, this isn’t a task that is very easy. You must be diligent. You must have a proper idea of what you’re doing. Only then will your marketing strategy go on to reap in abundance. For your business to flourish, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. You must make use of ‘influencers’ who have the capacity of reaching an audience. If they sponsor your product in one of their posts, their audience will necessarily see it, thus boosting your marketing prospects.

You must necessarily be interactive. It is necessary that you go through the comments and gauge the user’s reactions to your products. Depending upon their reactions, their comments, you might make the necessary changes which will boost your audience. You must search for opportunities to bring in more audience— a task you can complete by setting up little games or quizzes wherein you may attract more audience by asking them to tag their friends. Once you execute your Instagram marketing strategy in the proper way by uploading every post on time, by the necessary interactions, by ensuring maximum visual attraction, things will automatically fall into place and the business whose success you yearn to see will achieve it in the wink of an eye. Such is the power of social media and its font runner Instagram if used in the correct way.

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